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Professional Counselor

In relation to the profession of counseling, the Association of Professional Counselors licensed in Georgia states:

Counselors promote the quality of life!

Mental health counselors are highly qualified professionals who help in the process of healing and growth; by providing support to achieve personal goals, improve their quality of life and making people who are going through obstacles in their lives or suffering from a clinical disorder feel good about themselves.

Additional Details

The bilingual services listed are only referential.

It is important that you communicate with each therapist or center to inquire about the services offered, as well as the professional costs. The list we publish is constantly updated. It is very likely that there are other therapists who offer services in Spanish and are not on this list. If you know of a therapist that is not included in this list and you want your name to be included, please send us an email to add your name. Any question, please contact us.


Why choosing one of our counselors?

A professional counselor is someone trained and who a wide has knowledge of their area. It is a professional who:
  • They have, at least, a Master's Degree in Counseling.
  • Make at least four years of supervised internship.
  • Has a license from the Secretary of State Georgia Composite Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists. Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists.
  • Anually receives training required to maintain your state license.
  • Completes yearly continued education and training required for state licensure.
A professional counselor guides those who are having difficulties in their daily life, for example:
In relationships, professional decisions, personal growth, trauma, grief, anger, etc.
A professional counselor provides counseling and support services to individuals diagnosed with clinical disorders, for example:
Depression, anxiety, unwanted thoughts, substance abuse, self-harm, etc.
A professional counselor helps people heal, grow and achieve their life goals.
  • Professional counselors can offer their services for children, adolescents and / or adults.
  • Guide on the needs of families, groups and individuals.
  • Work in private practices, schools, clinics, agencies and / or hospitals.

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