Online Psychotherapy Service
(Telemental Health)
Sexual abuse / trauma
27 June, 2018
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27 June, 2018

Online Psychotherapy Service (Telemental Health)

Access to the telephone and the internet has made psychological help more accessible for more people; giving them the opportunity to receive counseling from anywhere in the world with counselors who speak their language and understand their culture.

What is Telemental Health?

TeleMental Health is a way to offer services for mental health electronically; either through the telephone, video, internet, Smartphone, Tablet, desktop computer or other electronics. These electronic means of communication make it possible for counselors to provide services to individuals who may not have access to a mental health service.

What can Telemental Health be used for?

TeleMental Health can be used for services such as individual, couple or family therapy, follow-ups, psychological evaluations, psychological evaluations for immigration and for group teaching. It is effective for the diagnosis and evaluation of several individuals (adults, children, seniors and from different cultures) and is equivalent to face-to-face counseling.


Long-distance communication between counselor and client is not new. Sigmund Freud communicated with his clients through letters; in the eighties, self-help groups appeared on the internet.


There are different reasons why people find obstacles to get to the counselor’s clinic, distance or find a schedule that suits them are just some examples, but having the option of having the session online makes it more accessible. In addition, counselors use protocols in which the client’s privacy is assured every time they have an online session.
Some of the benefits are:

-Access to mental health care without the need to leave your community, your home or your office
-Access to care by a specialist
-Facilitate the organization of the client´s time.
-Access from different places.
-It is a useful alternative
-Clients feel that, through videoconferences, they can express their feelings better
-Allow the client to better address their needs
-The sessions of online psychotherapy (Telemental Health) are as good as face-to-face sessions
-Saving time when it is not possible (or you do not want to) to go to the counselor’s clinic
-Economic savings by not having to move from one place to another
-Excellent for people who feel a barrier when meeting new people
-You can access this service even if you live in a remote location
-It is an option to receive counseling in a more private way
-It is an option to receive counseling from a place where you feel comfortable
-It allows you to try the counseling sessions before you go to receive more counseling sessions.

New studies suggest that, for some clients, receiving online counseling instead of face-to-face counseling can be the solution to attend all of their sessions since the sessions are as effective as if they were done face-to-face

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