Couple’s Theraphy
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27 June, 2018

Approximately 85 percent of people choose to live their lives as a partner to another in a committed relationship. Unfortunately, about half of these couples end in separation or divorce. Second and third marriages are even more likely to end in separation and may be entered into out of convenience or as open unions. It’s clear that no one gets into a relationship with the intention of getting divorced or separating – it is a painful process for all parties involved, including both partners and any children they might have – and this is why it’s important to try to avoid reaching that point at all.

There are strategies and exercises that we can learn to have greater success and happiness in our relationships. It’s important to remember that your partner is your friend – someone you know well and respect and with whom you have a system of mutual care and admiration. At the same time, conflict is inevitable in life, so healthy and constructive resolution is key. It’s also critical to support each other in your larger lives, seeking dreams and goals and reaching them together.

Couples counseling is directed to people who want to acquire the skills to live their life in a successful relationship, by committing to work to improve it. Therapy will also you help you determine, what’s the best thing for you: staying in your marriage or parting ways. In case of separation, we will work with you to make the process easier.

Researchs show that most couples decide to seek help about 6 years after they start having troubles, which is sadly, too late.

Couple´s Theraphy will allow us to learn how to:

share affection, respect and getting closer to each other, to build and share a much deeper connection as a couple, to remain calm when arguing, in other words, to have a stronger relationship

During this process the basic questions include:

How do relationships work? What causes negative and positive changes in a relationship?, If your relationship is going well, how will you ensure the growth of it? How to keep the positive changes through time?

 Also, we will work on the following aspects:

-We will make a review of your relationship
-You will learn to recognize the signs and behaviors that destroy a couples´relationship or a marriage (the 4 apocalyptic horses)
-What to do if your relationship is under attack,
-You will learn how to identify the strengths of your relationship and how to reinforce them,
-How conflicts can grow
-How to avoid destructive fights during conflicts
-Learn and follow simple steps to keep romance.

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