A Life Coach is a professional who will work with you, as a client, to discover, create a plan and achieve the goals that you have proposed in your personal or professional life, as a couple or as a family. Consequently, the Life Coach will help you discover thoughts or obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward and, as the work progresses through sessions, advise you on the achievement of those goals. As a result of the Coaching process, you can generate significant changes and achieve the life you really want.


How can I benefit from a Coaching?

By participating in a Coaching process, you will be accompanied by a qualified professional who will not only help you to explore your goals you want to work on in your life (for example, improve your self-esteem, have a better relationship with your spouse, achieve better relationships with your co-workers, etc.); it will also help you to explore what are the typical errors that you have incurred that prevent you from achieving your objectives, proposing more effective ways to achieve what you propose, through the use of specific techniques and tools. Therefore, as you progress in the Coaching process, you will see how you will see yourself more satisfied with the new results, helping you to improve your lifestyle, your interpersonal relationships, your professional performance and overall satisfaction with your life.


What is the difference between Counseling and Coaching?

Life Coaching is not the same as counseling. The coach does not work focusing on the past, traumas, or psychological issues that have occurred in the life of the client. In fact, the Life Coach is not authorized to perform medical or psychiatric diagnoses, so that, once you start the Coaching process, there are psychological or psychiatric symptoms that are relevant to treat, the Coach will refer you to a specialist to work that element properly. Instead, the Life Coach will focus on the present and the goals and objectives that the client sets for its future. The Life Coach helps the client to set personal goals and to advance in an effective way to achieve the life they have proposed.


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