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1 March, 2018
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At the Counseling Institute of Atlanta, we are very happy to be able to help you evaluate your mental health for your immigration process. Our team of therapists is bilingual (Spanish-English) and they have several years of experience doing these type of evaluation.
Our clinical director, Alejandro Navarrete-Aguilar, is a professional counselor with a valid license in the state of Georgia, certified also as a professional supervisor with a master degree in Psychology, in the United States and in his home country, Peru. At the moment he is studying to get a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Due to the understanding of different cultures, Dr. Navarrete facilitates the communication and the evaluation process for those who look for a professional that can connect with them in their own language and that can also understand the situation they are going through.

What is a mental health evaluation for immigration?

It is a professional document that shows the emotional status and the sympthons of stress of an individual. In this report it is shown the suffering, traumas or any other disorder in the mental health of the pacient caused by overwhelming situation, for example: being separate from their family or the transition from one country to another. This document is done by a professional licensed that must be allowed to work with individuals and families during their migratory process; someone that can also understand the client´s culture.

Types of evaluation for the immigration process:


If you are a permanent resident or citizen of the United States who is married to someone that is not a citizen/permanent resident, you can apply for a WAIVER to prove that the end of the stay of your partner in the United States or the relocation in another country will cause you extreme suffering.


If you can prove that you do not have the requirements to present the English test for NATURALIZATION due to physical situations, development issues or mental illness, you can apply for the N-648 norm which will free you from taking the test


If you are a victim of a crime in the United States, you can apply for a VISA-U, proving your physical or mental suffering. It is important to check with a lawyer to determinate if the type of crime you were a victim of, qualifies you for a VISA – U. Also, it is important that the crime has occurred in the United States, no matter how long it happened.


You can apply for a VAWA if you can demonstrate that you have suffered domestic violence from a relationship. if you have been sexually abused and/or if you have been harassed in the United State by your husband/wife who must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States. If you suffered from domestic violence and your partner did not have a resident permit you can also qualify for a VISA-U.

Who should I contact, to begin with, my mental health evaluation for immigration?

It is important that you contact a lawyer who is able to help you in the process and guides you in any other migratory issue. They are who can recommend you for a psychological evaluation for your case if it is necessary. Once you have started the process with your lawyer we at the Institute of Consulting in Atlanta will gladly help you with your psychological evaluation.

How can these type of evaluations help with my migratory process?

A clinical evaluation can help you to demonstrate that you or your family are facing a suffering situation or might face it in the future.
You can get this service immediately and safely, through our platform.