27 June, 2018

Divorce Mediation

It is well known that the average cost of a divorce in the United States is between $ 15-30,000. The average cost of a divorce in […]
27 June, 2018

Online Psychotherapy Service
(Telemental Health)

Online Psychotherapy Service (Telemental Health) Access to the telephone and the internet has made psychological help more accessible for more people; giving them the opportunity to […]
27 June, 2018

Sexual abuse / trauma

Sexual abuse is any form of unwanted sexual contact. Unfortunately, in many cases, the aggressor is a person we trust. People who have suffered any type […]
27 June, 2018

Alcohol and drug problems

Problems with the use of alcohol or drugs? Do you have to complete an evaluation for the court? We can help you!   You can get […]
27 June, 2018

Family and individual therapy

Both, individual therapy and family therapy, are done in a safe, welcoming and confidential environment. Therapy is a process in which the counselor and his client […]
27 June, 2018

Workplace Accidents

An accident at work can drastically change your life, including physical and psychological injuries. We can help you alleviate the psychological and emotional problems caused by […]
27 June, 2018

Psychological Evaluations for SSD

A psychological evaluation to be disabled with Social Security can provide evidence of your current mental state. If it is presumed that a person may have […]
27 June, 2018

Anger management

There are different degrees of anger that can range from feeling irritable to being completely enraged. The anger management classes and/or the anger management counseling help […]
27 June, 2018

Psycho-educational evaluations

In most cases, the child’s ability to perform tasks at school is affected for reasons that cannot be understood. Parents usually identify their children’s learning problems […]

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